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EAI Digital works to position your company ahead of the pack by leveraging the most innovative technologies in Cloud Computing to provide cutting-edge, seamless, and scalable distribution channel between you and your customers.

Digital Insure provides a smarter way to handle customer’s interaction, making it easy and affordable to transform your insurance business.

Our Solutions

All-Inclusive Web Browser

Web based system gives you everything you need to provide excellent insurance services online to your customers and an amazing tool for your sales agents. Buying new policies, processing claims, underwriting, and more can be done from anywhere.


With EAI insurance mobile app, you effectively provide your customers with a platform that gives them “Do-It-Yourself” functionality; from submitting claims to renewing a policy. We work with you by incorporating your objectives into the features of your app, and guarantee that it is easy-to-use for anyone with a smart phone.

Responsive Mobile Application
Laser-target Text Message Application

Not everyone has a smartphone, but your company can still have meaningful interactions with customers that don’t. With our fully functional USSD text; you enjoy first-hand interaction with your customers’ needs without connecting to the internet.

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